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Some nice deals at AppStore

Paper From quick sketches to note taking to inspiration, Paper is the simplest way to capture ideas and dreams, enhanced with the added dimension and richness of real paper textures.
Simple and powerful Paint and Drawing tools support your creative energy without ever getting in the way of inspiration.

Contacts To Go ® Premium
Contacts To Go ® Premium ★ MANAGE your iPhone Contacts from the COMFORT of your LAPTOP or DESKTOP computer ★ No iTunes required, no cable required, anywhere, anytime, wirelessly!
★ Contacts To Go ® is a ONE TAP solution to quickly access, search, print and backup your phone’s contacts database from any computer on your network.
☆ Contacts To Go ® is so simple and beautifully effective that you’ll wonder why no one made this before.

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  1. My favourite game on the iPad, good job. Looking foarwrd to the 3rd campaign, I hope you also make some new weapons/gears/add-ons, that would be cool (and probably neccessary, since the 3rd campaign will probably be harder than the 2nd). I have some suggestions for the game: the multiplayer host should have the option to start the game with only 2 people or to wait until a 3rd one joins; there could also be more maps in the multiplayer, or maybe even a coop campaign mode; and finally, the only thing I REALLY miss in Bullet Time is some kind of skill tree, so you could customize your character more deeply.. that would be awesome. Congratulations guys, great game, thanks for making it free.

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