The new Mac Pro 2013 is advertised to support up to 64GB of memory, and we understand that pro users running applications that place high demands on RAM have a need to meet and most likely exceed this threshold,” said Angus Wu, Director of Research and Development at Transcend. “For this reason, we have developed and fully tested higher density modules to give users the option of raising their Mac Pro system memory to the advertised 64GB right up to 128GB

Transcend has introduced new RAM updates for the 2013 Mac Pro, allowing users to bring the total amount of memory in their machines to 128 GB, double Apple and OWC’s maximum 64 GBs of RAM.

Transcend’s DDR3 RDIMMs are available in 16 and 32 GB modules to boost Apple’s 2013 Mac Pro machines to 64, 96, or 128 GB of memory, but its 1333 Mhz 32 GB modules run more slowly than the 16 GB 1866 Mhz memory modules it offers, along with those from OWC and Apple.

While the slower speed of the 32 GB modules may be an issue in certain situations, the possibility of bumping RAM to 128 GB will outweigh the speed loss for many power users.

Apple today seeded build 13D17 of OS X 10.9.3 to developers, one week after releasing the first OS X 10.9.3 beta, build 13D12. The beta is available through the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store as well as through the Mac Dev Center.
Apple is currently asking developers to focus on Graphics Drivers and Audio. As was discovered last week, 10.9.3 adds new support for 4K displays, offering “Retina” resolutions that improve readability along with support for 60Hz output from the Retina MacBook Pro.

ios8-healthbook-preview-texteditA screenshot of an iOS 8 homescreen with the new Healthbook, Preview and TextEdit icons was posted to China’s Weibo microblog. The source of the screenshot cannot be verified, but insiders close to 9to5Mac claim the icons represented in the image are legitimate.

Preview and TextEdit may debut in iOS later this year as part of an expansion of Apple’s iCloud service. Their icons mirror those of their OS X counterparts, which is unusual as Apple uses different icons for its OS X and iOS apps. This suggests the icons are placeholders and may change before the apps are released. Tips is an unknown app, and its role in iOS 8 is not certain.

Healthbook is Apple’s rumored fitness app for iOS 8 and its icon revealed in the screenshot loosely matches earlier descriptions. It may connect to the iWatch and track vital health and fitness parameters such as calories burned, heart rate and potentially other statistics like hydration and blood glucose levels.

Overall, the screenshot shows the iOS 8 design appearing essentially identical to that of iOS 7, although this may change over time as work continues on the next-generation operating system. Apple is expected to unveil iOS 8 later this year at WWDC 2014 and release it publicly sometime this fall. Besides underlying improvements to services like Maps and Siri, it also is expected to include health and fitness features that will integrate with Apple’s iWatch wearable device.

Alfred is an award-winning productivity application for OS X. Alfred saves you time when you search for files online or on your Mac. Be more productive with hotkeys, keywords, and file actions at your fingertips.

New Features:

  • New debugging options for Workflows. Click the bug icon when editing a workflow. Debug filtering options available such as selecting the unique object you would like to see the debug info for, and error or full log info.
  • New organisation options and filtering for workflows, with categorization. Available in Workflow preferences search drop-down.
  • Copy and Paste workflow objects e.g. from one workflow to another.
  • Added option on workflow list popup menu to duplicate workflows.
  • Default support for added for creating emails with attachments.
  • Option to use metadata for contacts search instead of Address Book API. Gives better word based and diacritic matching.
  • Singapore added to the web locations.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.6 or later

Download here

FileZilla (ported from Windows) is a fast and reliable FTP client and server with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface.

Fixed vulnerabilities:
Updated GnuTLS to latest version to address vulnerabilities in GnuTLS’ certificate validation

New features:
Redesigned update dialog

Bugfixes and minor changes:
Fix initial state of the ‘Enable’ item in speed limit menu
Date/Time handling routines now carry precision information, this avoids comparisons of timestamps with different accuracy, e.g., 2014-02-01 and 2014-02-01 10:00 now compare as being identical when using the “Overwrite if newer” file exists action
MSW: Make handling of FD_CLOSE socket events more robust

Intel, OS X 10.5 or later

Download here

In an effort to directly take on popular cross-platform note taking application Evernote, Microsoft will finally be bringing its OneNote service to the Mac later this month in the form of a free app, according to a new report. For years, OneNote has been tied to Microsoft’s Office suite and has been focused on the Windows platform. But according to The Verge, the Redmond, Wash., company is now focused on making it a free service for all users, whether they are on Windows or Mac. The news comes just after it was also revealed that Microsoft is planning to release an update to Office for Mac this year. That expected launch would mark the first major update to the productivity suite in nearly four years. Microsoft has offered an official OneNote app for iOS since early 2011, and an Android application has also been available. However, until now, OneNote has not seen its own dedicated application for Apple’s OS X platform. The upcoming cross-platform update to OneNote is expected to include support for web clipper plugins in popular browsers. This will allow users to quickly save content from the Web and sync it across devices with OneNote.

After being available for a little over one day, Apple’s iOS 7.1 update is now running on some 5.9 percent of operating devices, an adoption rate comparable to the company’s previous iOS 7.0.6 release. Apple’s latest iOS 7.1 was released on Monday, bringing with it a host of feature additions, bug fixes and tweaks. Headline functions include CarPlay, Apple’s initiative to take over automobile entertainment systems, and user interface tweaks more in line with the spartan iOS 7 aesthetic. As first reported by AppleInsider, iOS 7.1 incorporates Touch ID enhancements to remedy a so-called “fade” issue where the system would slowly forget a user’s fingerprint data. Finally, a number of UI tweaks were added to Apple’s mobile OS, including a calendar month view, new keyboard typography and faster animations.

Along with the release of iOS 7.1, Apple on Monday issued updates for a number of its iOS applications, with Remote, GarageBand, Logic Remote, and Podcasts all receiving attention:

  • Remote version 4.2 allows users to control iTunes Radio on their Apple TV. It also lets users browse purchased movies and TV shows in the app and play them on their Apple TV.
  • Logic Remote version 1.0.4 is also available, and fixes an issue that prevented Scale Modes and Chord Strips from updating to the current project key.
  • Podcasts version 2.0.2 resolves an issue where the 15-second skip buttons may not appear on the lock screen when used with iOS 7.1.
  • GarageBand version 2.0.1 is also available on the App Store, improving stability and addressing bugs that Apple characterized as minor.

Thorsten Hübschen, the Microsoft executive, revealed the software giant’s plans at this week’s CeBIT computer industry show in Hanover. Microsoft disbanded its Mac business unit soon after the most recent version of the suite, Office:Mac 2011, hit shelves in 2010. Hübschen said that internal reorganization at Microsoft has resulted in a renewed push for cross-platform versions of Office, and that the company was already speaking to enterprise customers about the new Mac edition. There was no word from on Microsoft’s plans for a version of Office for Apple’s iOS, where it remains absent. Microsoft insider reported last month that an iPad edition was on the way, but others have indicated that Microsoft scrapped the idea as part of a strategy designed to entice users toward tablets running Windows.

Apple’s iOS 7.1 update seems killed the most useful bug ever to grace a mobile operating system. If you choose to update your device to 7.1 you’ll no longer be able to use nested folders. Nested folders (folders-within-folders) were a long-standing bug that Apple conveniently ignored for some time.