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iOS 7.1 installed on 6% devices in North America after 24 hours

After being available for a little over one day, Apple’s iOS 7.1 update is now running on some 5.9 percent of operating devices, an adoption rate comparable to the company’s previous iOS 7.0.6 release. Apple’s latest iOS 7.1 was released on Monday, bringing with it a host of feature additions, bug fixes and tweaks. Headline functions include CarPlay, Apple’s initiative to take over automobile entertainment systems, and user interface tweaks more in line with the spartan iOS 7 aesthetic. As first reported by AppleInsider, iOS 7.1 incorporates Touch ID enhancements to remedy a so-called “fade” issue where the system would slowly forget a user’s fingerprint data. Finally, a number of UI tweaks were added to Apple’s mobile OS, including a calendar month view, new keyboard typography and faster animations.

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