Create Visually Striking Text Labels with Rounded Borders in SwiftUI: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

To create a rounded border for a text label in SwiftUI, you can use the `border` and `overlay` modifiers. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve this:

Using the `border` Modifier

You can use the `border` modifier to add a simple rectangular border around a text label. Here’s an example:

Text("Your Text Here")

In this example, the `border` modifier adds a default black rectangular border around the text label.

To customize the border width, you can specify the width parameter:

Text("Your Text Here")
    .border(, width: 2)

This code adds a black border with a custom width of 2 points around the text label.

Adding Rounded Corners with the `overlay` Modifier

If you want to create a rounded border, you can use the `overlay` modifier along with `RoundedRectangle` to achieve this effect:

Text("Your Text Here")
        RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 10)
            .stroke(, lineWidth: 2)

In this example, the `overlay` modifier is used to overlay a rounded rectangle with a corner radius of 10 points on top of the text label, creating a rounded border effect.

Additional Options

You can also combine the `cornerRadius` modifier with the `background` modifier to create a rounded background for the text label:

Text("Your Text Here")

This code sets a blue background with rounded corners for the text label.


By using the `border`, `overlay`, `cornerRadius`, and `background` modifiers in SwiftUI, you can easily create text labels with rounded borders to enhance the visual appeal of your user interface.

Remember to customize the color, width, and corner radius values according to your specific design requirements.

These techniques provide a straightforward way to achieve rounded borders for text labels in SwiftUI, allowing you to create visually appealing user interfaces with ease.

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