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Updates for GarageBand, Logic Remote & Podcasts along with iOS 7.1

Along with the release of iOS 7.1, Apple on Monday issued updates for a number of its iOS applications, with Remote, GarageBand, Logic Remote, and Podcasts all receiving attention:

  • Remote version 4.2 allows users to control iTunes Radio on their Apple TV. It also lets users browse purchased movies and TV shows in the app and play them on their Apple TV.
  • Logic Remote version 1.0.4 is also available, and fixes an issue that prevented Scale Modes and Chord Strips from updating to the current project key.
  • Podcasts version 2.0.2 resolves an issue where the 15-second skip buttons may not appear on the lock screen when used with iOS 7.1.
  • GarageBand version 2.0.1 is also available on the App Store, improving stability and addressing bugs that Apple characterized as minor.

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