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Silverlock – Password Manager & Secure Digital Wallet (29.99 USD) is now free

The best password manager & digital wallet.

Are you tired of forgetting passwords? Silverlock increases productivity and security by protecting your passwords and other valuable information with military-grade AES encryption. Create strong, unique passwords to protect your logins, services, and apps. Silverlock securely stores website logins, notes with rich-text formatting, contacts, Wi-Fi passwords, files, software licenses and much more securely behind your master password.


Silverlock uses industry standard, military-grade 256-bit AES encryption to protect your data, along with PBKDF2 password hashing and best practices for cryptographically secure random number generation and authenticated encryption techniques. All encryption and decryption is performed on your computer and your master password is never sent to any remote servers or taken out of your control in any way.


Multiple Vaults. Stay organized with multiple vaults. Securely switch between vaults to separate personal information, client work or your business without entering your master password twice.

Multiple Databases. Create multiple databases with different master passwords to separate and share secure data with friends or co-workers.

Sync. Stop paying to sync your data. Silverlock seamlessly integrates with iCloud, Dropbox, and more. The cloud is always an option and is never required.

Secure Password Generator. Never use the same password twice. Generate strong, unique passwords to protect your data from hackers. Weak website logins can easily be compromised by guessing programs, dictionary-word programs, and shoulder surfing. Silverlock creates incredibly strong passwords for your apps, services, and websites.

Companion Password Strength Analyzer. The companion Password Strength Analyzer
checks the overall strength of your existing passwords by intelligently analyzing dictionary words, the 10,000 most commonly used passwords and much more to give you the most secure passwords.

– Integrated Search
– Organize Fields into Sections
– Attachments
– Industry Standard 128/192/256-bit AES Encryption
– Automatically Locking when the computer goes idle, sleeps, or the screen saver is activated
– Customizable Lock Screen
– Unlimited Passwords, Fields and Sections
– Live Icons (Optional)
– Secure Notes
– Contacts
– Organize Your Data with Categories
– Multiple Ways to View Your Data


You control your data. Securely store your data on a USB drive, local machine, or the cloud. Syncing is never required and is always optional. Petroules does not have access to your data – only you have the master key to unlock it.


What happens if my computer or database is stolen?
We use industry standard AES encryption to store your data. Even if someone steals your computer or your database it cannot be accessed without your master password. Not even Petroules can access your database.

Is my database safe in the cloud?
As mentioned above, your database is secured with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption and is safe to store in the cloud. Our customers have full control of their data and the cloud is always an option.

What happens if I forget my password?
Unfortunately, if you forget your Silverock password your data is lost. This is one of the many reasons Silverlock is so secure. If you think you might forget your password, we recommend writing it down on a piece of paper in a sealed envelope and placing it in a safety deposit box at your local bank – NEVER in your wallet or in your home.
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