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Free apps for today

Chicken Revolution2 : Zombie (was 0,99USD)
Chicken Revolution2 : Zombie Chicken Revolution: Zombies is a defense game to keep the base camp from zombie chickens, joining humanity and chickens.The long war of humanity and chickens connected by Chicken Revolution ends with the advent of the zombie chickens. Zombie chickens that appeared suddenly attack and infect all living things including humanity and chickens. People and chickens managed to survive cooperate with each other for survival…

The World Clock (was 2,99USD)
The World Clock The World Clock provides the best and most accurate time conversion options
There are two (iPhone) or three (iPad) ways to convert and compare times:
• scroll the map to convert the time within past or future 24 hours
• tap the date button in the toolbar to select specific date, time or timezone (iPad only)
• open the time Converter/Meeting Planner window by selecting the Convert tab (iPhone) or Convert button in the toolbar (iPad). This option allows to select date, time, timezone, working hours, tome zone sorting and more.
Unlike other apps on the app store, some pretending to be “Pro” World Clocks, the conversion takes into account daylight savings time changes.
Car Disassembly 3D (was 2,99USD)
Car Disassembly 3D Disassemble and reassemble the parts of a car in the new Car Disassembly 3D! Take full control of the custom hot rod as you discover its parts from the hood and tires down to its gears and screws! Enjoy spectacular high-definition retina graphics along with sound effects that put you in the front seat!Want to recolor the car? Want toadd a hood? Or maybe change the wheels? With various customization options, you can tune the car to make it look exactly the way you want it!

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