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Free apps for today – part 2

Cursive Writing HD (was 0,99USD)
Cursive Writing HD “Cursive Writing HD” is an useful application for all ages who are taking their first step into learning cursive writing.
This app is very easy and fun to use.
It provides not only letter by letter but 234 words, which show the users how individual(lower and upper case) letters are combined into words and sentences.
If you are looking for a cursive writing app, then look no further.

Ringtonium Pro – Professional Ringtone Designer (was 0,99USD)
Ringtonium Pro - Professional Ringtone Designer Top Features:
– Email, text, alarm clock, reminders and Twitter tones
– Extremely easy to use
– 6 awesome sound effects to add to your tones
– Super accurate editing- up to 0.01 sec
– Remarkably high and distortion free mic recording
– Dropbox ringtone sharing
– One click syncing without iTunes via Dropbox
– In-app ringtones storage and playback
– Supports 9 languages incl. Chinese, Japanese and Arabic
– Build-in video tutorials
Read The World – Translate the Web (was 4,99USD)
Read The World - Translate the Web Improve your French, Spanish, English … (or any language!)
Browse – Read – Tap – Translate
Although Read the World is a full featured browser you can keep using Safari® or Atomic®. The translation engine is perfectly integrated in both of them.
Visit any site in a foreign language and get the translation of any word, phrase or page on the fly (even in Safari!) or listen to the pronunciation. Without leaving your web page !
Read the World is a web browser with powerful translation capabilities. It’s the most comprehensive browser/translator on the market.
Professionals, journalists, students or casual readers, Get your information from the source. Whatever the language !
Nothing is more effective to learn a language. Read at your own pace without ever getting stuck on an expression. Acquire a perfect accent with voice pronunciation.

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